The collection  

Delve into the variety of Manoli's work

The Manoli Museum, created in 2001 as a project initiated by the sculptor's family, has been owned by the Departement since 2017. Within walking distance of the river Rance, the museum features a couple hundred works displayed in both the garden and several buildings.

As the very place where the artist used to live and make art, the garden cultivates intimacy and daydreaming - while the sculptures give an overview of his work.

Manoli experimented with scrap and reclaimed items, as well as other materials such as granite, earthenware and metal, which he used in unprecedented ways and turned into human figures, animals and abstract pieces.

The outcome of such efforts is remarkable. Among the trees, sheep clad with propellers make for an amazing vision. Golden birds take off, while owls and acrobats take you to a world of imagination and poetry.